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Uli’s Day

Trying to get dressed for a morning function with teen, tween and an in-between I forgot to change my bag to something a bit more delicate. I also couldn’t find the plain top I normally wear under this jacket, but I kind of like the mash up that comes with the different prints.  Sort of […]

More Fab Forty Street

Uli was out and about with her camera today and came back with these gorgeous pics.    Now Nikki has a bit of an advantage in the style stakes as she owns ‘Hockyourfrocks’, an online recycling designer store that is a jewellery box of hot local and international designer clothes from regulars on Australia’s best […]

Uli loves Missoni

I have a real weakness for Missoni scarves (some would say that definitely shows my age).  But it’s a bit like a security blanket.  Everything just feels a bit easier and happier once I put one on.  Well it brightens up the most dull outfit. Army jacket and jeggings, Country Road. (Ugh, I hate the […]

Fab Forty Street

  Ran into this gorgeous lady yesterday.  Nat’s 41 and looking amazing in a symphony of russet hues.  I love the way the stripes in her jumper reflect in her sunglasses and hair colour with a slightly off-palette orange and navy bag and dark grey boots (you can hardly see it in the pic) adding […]

After Dark

So I finally got out of the house at night. A dinner with other ‘school mums’ at the local Italian plus cold night = make up free and comfort, with just a dash of glam to differentiate the outfit from a school run. Glam delivered through unwearable shoes – their first outing and little Chanel […]


When I looked back over last few weeks pics I was feeling a bit fashion ground-hog day – makes sense, nothing much going on at the moment – anyway, thought I’d try and mix it up a bit.  A pant instead of a jean, shoe instead of boot. I’m not really feeling it, but I’m […]

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