This week’s shopping

Waiting for this to be delivered from

It’s the smaller version which I prefer.  I’m going through a bit of a jewellery phase and a long necklace is something I don’t feel I’ve got covered.  Which is probably a ludicrous thing to claim given the size of my jewellery box.  Still, nothing that’s quite working for me right now.


I find have great pricing and currently have free shipping from the UK, so a good time to go internet shopping.  Their Isabel Marant range is great and the packaging is like getting a birthday present every time.

And from Zara I bought a green shirt/jacket, a washed black t-shirt and black wool scarf.  I can’t find pics on the website so they must be older stock.

I now have four khaki green and camo versions of the same look.  None perfect, but that’s because two were from ebay, very cheap but no try before you buy.

The scarf was great.  I looked all last year for a very long, plain black wool scarf that didn’t cost too much – it’s just a plain black scarf after all.  This is a great version and at $40 the cost per wear is already a bargain buy.