This week’s window shopping

I’m not doing much on the paid work front at the moment so it’s hard to justify spending money.  Not just because of the money, but also because life without work revolves around the school run and home.  Even the coffee is taken take-away.

Add to this, two planned trips to the US for work and play and a new puppy that has cost me at least two Christian Louboutins – the expensive ones with studs.  Even looking feels indulgent.

But I’m still thinking of these from for about $185.  Their Current/Elliott Buddy Trouser Pant.  I have the army pant version of these from C/E but just too big.  (C/E are my favourite for wash and cut, but I struggle to get the fit right buying online – which I usually do, because it’s cheaper).


I’d wear these like a boyfriend jean – creating the same shapes but updating the look with a different colour.

My mum would disagree, but I see khaki green like this as a neutral – same as denim, white, grey, camel, black and so find it really versatile and ready to work with everything in my wardrobe. It just feels less ‘obvious’.

And these are in my wishlist, but I just can’t justify them at the moment.


Kenzo (‘so hot right now’).  I think they are great for about $395 and free delivery through May.  The texture and colour mix up will add an irreverent lift to everyday looks – as long as you don’t wear them like your mother.

They also come in this colour