Who wears the pants?


As I start out on my first post I thought a good place to start is what I’m going to wear tonight.  An immediate introduction to me, the blog, my wardrobe.

The event: Dinner with friends in Rushcutters Bay.

Venue: Nield Avenue.  Last time I went there was typical inner city, hip and cool vibe.  However, I don’t get out much so it may now have fashion-tumbleweed blowing through.

Weather: trans-seasonal, erring on the side of brisk.

My planned outfit: Dress over trousers.

Number of key trends: Well, dress over trousers = 1.  Leather = 2. White shoes = 3.

Here it is – although it looks a bit flat and that’s not just a pun.   Honest, it looked better on.


So what makes me think this a good place to start the blog is that the dress over trousers look is great for women of just about any age.  Which is relevant because this blog is all about fashion for those who’ve reached the ‘effs’.  As in the effing forties and fifties.  Fashion wasteland.  Well at least in the eyes of fashion press, fashion designers, fashion bloggers and other fashion folk in general.  Fashion-facists, the lot of them.

Ironically – tragically ironic, as it feels sometimes – that at a time when many of us have the finance to back up the passion, we start losing the knees, the triceps, the midriffs (as the case most tragically is for 2013) for some of the most fun and irreverent style statements.  On top of this we lose relevance in a youth-centric society – making looking relevant beyond the thirties a bit too anachronistic for some.

And finally, with a more developed sense of style and experience at tricky trends that come back in for the second or third time around, we are usually too much on the side of ‘right’ to get fashion papped.

Ultimately, unless you are die-hard (as I am), it’s understandable that fashion feels like a folly for fillies and women put themselves out to pasture, with only the odd foray down the Country Road.

So I hope you enjoy my blog.  A celebration, a pictorial, a review, a shopping trip and ideas not yet formed.  I’d love any feedback as it evolves.