Coffee then Work


Day two of falling into a somewhat autumnal palette.  Not my favourite part of the colour wheel as I find it looks a bit frumpy on anyone but olive skinned Italians.

I’m just going to my local to meet an old work friend so nothing tricky demanded but sleep in meant last night’s outfit could ease things as a starting point.

So first on Bassike black dot T.  Then to suede pants (made from Bassike style, in Bali, for a saving of about $1700 on the retail price in Australia.  Sorry Bassike, but your leather prices are outrageous).

Knowing it’s there and back to my home office nothing more demanded than Converse, scarf for warmth (same LV Leopard I’ve had for years that got an outing yesterday, but any leopard scarf would do the job), ditto for the jacket (another seasons old purchase that has allusions to Chanel, but not precious and soft to wear).  Finish off with cross body bag – silly, impractical concept that I like the look of and wear when can to justify price of silly, impractical bag.

Now, many of you will think the drop crotch pant is too ‘young’ or too hard to wear if you aren’t tall/slim/high waisted/low hipped or whatever.  Of course we all know men really dislike this look, but that perspective has no place on this blog or I may as well just wear short black dresses everyday.   It’s fine if you don’t like it, but don’t wear it because you think you’re too old.  It’s all about getting the right proportions – higher or lower on the waist for your body, smaller or larger drop in the crotch and leg length.  A smaller drop in the crutch also feels as much a loose/boyfriend cut as a harem and this can add wearability to your pant.  I have to admit, getting proportions right with tops and shoes can also be challenging.  But I think it’s a really cool, fun and comfortable look and feel that’s not going anywhere soon – certainly not as long as Bassike still keep plugging it at $1900 a pop.