Another ordinary morning with workmen due to arrive and my house in disarray.  I feel a bit discombobulated and it’s all trans-seasonal weather days at the moment which I think are the hardest to dress.

I had an idea based on white jeans and a navy/white jumper with black boots, but the jumper and boots weren’t speaking the same language.  Based on the need to get the ‘cost per wear’ down on the boots (Chloe, bought last year from,  I stuck with them along with the white jeans (apparently white is the new blue denim …).  Starting again I was still in the mind for a fairly monochromatic palette and ended up with this animal knit top (Iro, on sale at last year).  The contrast leopard print scarf came in last and tickled me pleased with the resulting clash up.  I actually added my Willow leather sleeves as I walked out the door for warmth, but I’d already taken the shot.  I’m also wearing gold/black enamel bracelets, white H bracelet with watch, and carried a red Celine Cabas tote to break up the matchy-matchy palette.

I ended up feeling quite good about it.  Which was fortunate, as I was going to The Intersection at Paddington for coffee with my friend Uli.  Both destination and coffee partner a concentration of style.  I’m pushing Uli to start adding to this blog, so watch out for ‘My friend Uli’ entries in the future.  She’s also in her ‘effing effs’ and got that Swedish innate design thing going on and does amazing things with a tight budget.

White jeans are easier to wear in winter than summer and look less ‘Liz Hurley’ (don’t get me started on Liz and her whites …).  Mine were a bargain on a couple of years ago, but there is always a great range of designer jeans at really cheap prices on this site.  Last time I looked they also had the Current/Elliott boyfriend cut in white, which is an easier introduction when the ‘skinny’ feels too hard.