Wrap Up : The Met

OK, so does the world really need another run-through of the key looks at the Met Ball?

But then, does the world need another fashion blog?

On the basis of those two rhetorical questions, I’ll just jump on in with lifeasyouwearit’s take on the winners and losers. But with a twist.  Follows 8 looks that really stood out to me for different reasons.  But rather than tell you exactly what reasons they were, I’m going to list them and see if you can work out what goes with which.

The look that:

Makes me feel better about my hairstyle in 1985

Is the opposite of what this blog is trying to prove about mid-life style

When old and young should swap dresses

I want to like it, but really, I don’t

Worst headpiece to wear if you already look like the animal that inspired it


Most disappointing look from a (apprentice) fashion icon

My favourite

036m scoop01 038m 078m 183m 071m 118m 042m  

What do you think?