Sunny Autumn


Not much to do today, but must wear new purchase Bonds trackie dacks on sale for $30.  I’ve always had a thing for trackies for all sorts of occasions (what is it with me and pants with a saggy bum).  If I was young, gorgeous and actually had somewhere to go, I’d be putting a point toed heel with these little babies.  Instead, trusty ankle boots (you can’t have too many styles or colours), back to Bassike Dot Tee and Etoile Isabel Marant jacket.  I love my red cuff which you can just see, which was a Bali purchase 5 years ago and will always have a place in my wardrobe.  The white H cuff and Gucci horn ring are both 50th birthday booty.  Cream scarf probably Country Road (they do good scarves).

Looking back over past few outfits you can start to see that I am most def a pants girl.