Another day with nothing structured to do.  Update blog, hope for work, let workmen in and out of house, try and catch puppy before she poos/wees in house.

As much as I crave down time when I’m working day and night, I never quite know what to do when I have it.

I think I need to knuckle down and do a wardrobe sort and sell.  So, today is going to be ebay day.

I’ve had lots of success buying and selling on ebay for the past nine years (my name has 41 in it, so I can never forget what year it was when I started).

I initially loved buying from it when things were much harder to get in Australia, and when the Australian dollar was super weak.   When my girls were younger I also loved hunting down something different, although these days there is so much more range for children not even that would be as much fun.  I still use it to get their school shoes (so they have something different) and ballet gear (so much cheaper).

I don’t buy so much any more, but every now and then when I am quiet on the work front I manage myself to confront the tedium and list stuff for sale.

What a pain in the arse that is.  Photographing it and getting it on is painful enough.  But  then the questions; Size 10 green jacket = “Can you please tell me what size the jacket is” … “Can you please measure the back shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to hem from top armhole, width at the bottom, length of collar and tell me would it suit someone who is 165cm”.

Then once you’ve sold it, it’s off to the post office, which usually involves standing behind someone who is sending a parcel to Siberia and wants to know every cost option, before they proceed to pay their utilities bill in coins.

Finally, and thankfully rarely, the complaints.  “These “pre-loved Marc Jacobs heels” have been worn”.  True story.

Of course every now and then is the seller stuff up – which in my case has included lost jewellery; and the odd, inexplicable new stain that wasn’t there when you listed there.  Thankfully, also not that many of these either.

Finally, and the reason I haven’t done a sell for a while, is that you discover you have been selling so successfully you are rated a ‘Power Seller’.  “Yoo, hoo” you think, there must be a benefit for this! Uh no, it just means that you no longer get free listings.  Go figure.

I’ll post the link when I’m done.  You never know, you might find your next love affair.