Hello DHL!


I really wanted a cross body bag that a. wasn’t black and b. was more practical than the dinky, but ‘hopeless if you do anything more than attend an opening Chanel’ I bought a couple of months back.   And then this popped up last week and it had my name on it.

And best of all, it was free as I’ve sold $600 worth of old stuff on ebay so far.  As they used to say in my financial accounting unit, ‘for every debit there has to be a corresponding credit’.  Or should that be the other way around in my case!

If you are at all interested in seeing if you can add to my shopping budget, search essdee41 on ebay and see if there’s anything that would look good living at your house.

Alexander Wang, on sale at theoutnet.com for about $400 door to door.