In the closet

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Unfortunately, the quality of the screen grab isn’t great for this – but I thought it would be fun to show you my record of purchases for for the last 12 months.  (I’ve done the same for net-a-porter and will post next).

From top and left to right, here goes:

Top Line:Twenty8Twelve harem jeans; Iro black t-shirt; gift necklace; Y3 trackpants (adore, but just can’t find a way to wear them and feel good); Iro top; Acne pants (amazing with a platform heel and the Iro leopard top next to it).

Middle Line: Zoe Karsson sweat (love sweat tops at the moment, wish I could wear tucked into a leather pencil skirt with statement necklace but I need to work in an office for that); Missoni swimsuit; D&G jacket(great buy!); Pamela Love Oxidised sterling silver necklace (can never wear catching a plane or it will be confiscated as a deadly weapon); Calvin Klein collection pumps; Grey sequin Antik Batik pants

Bottom Line: New Alexander Wang Bag; Twenty8Twelve lace shorts (look great with Converse, although I bought them for pole dancing …); Grey and Blue Zoe Karsson sweats; Joseph leather track pants; Calvin Klein sandals.

As you can see I LOVE online shopping and spend way too much time on my favourite sites.  I hope you enjoy my candour (and you may now understand why I don’t let my husband know about this blog).