This week’s shopping

So I headed to Tuchuzy yesterday to exchange a white rain coat that I’d bought with big ideas.  Too big for me at second thought, and the type of sartorial style-statement better made by someone in their second or third decade and most likely spending more than one family lunch a week in a suburb like Bondi.

I had ideas of exchanging it for ripped Rag & Bone jeans, but they didn’t work on my mix of smaller hip, distended thigh at all.  The Zara jeans I was already wearing proved much more flattering and the mere $80 they cost felt even better spent as a result.

My head had been turned by the Homies sweatshirts the last couple of visits, but I had feared that I was verging into fashion victim territory.  At the same time, I am loving sweatshirts at the moment – fashion and comfort rarely collide so life appropriate and cost effectively.

Just that morning I had discussed this quandry with Uli, who admitted to feeling the same way which gave me some comfort.  And courage.

So upshot is, now it’s mine.  Sort of.  I actually thought the ‘Feline’ version was a little less potentially-tragic (mine has silver print though).  I also got another Zoe Karsson  because it was a tighter fit and a bit more flattering for a baggier bottom half.

Unknown-1 image1xl

I then popped into Zara to try out their distressed jeans, but they were sold out.  However, did find a black, soft drapey shirt ($79.95) which I’ve been after for a while (sorry, can’t find a pic on their catalogue).

I also got this great tartan scarf ($59.95) which I admit is very much Columbine ‘inspired’/stalked (from, a genetically gifted swedish blogger I follow).

This comp from using Columbine sum up the inspiration well.


(I love her jeans on her which are Acne … but for me, I prefer the version sans rips.  You can buy them on, currently in stock).