New Pants


I got these yesterday – although in the khaki version.  Just doing our ritual family lunch at Misschu in Bondi, along with ritual pop into Tuchuzy and General Pants after and saw these One Teaspoon dropped crutch style pant ($100).  I have been thinking on the Current/Elliott pair I posted about a while ago, but these were cheaper and they were … well, there, available and I was temporarily on my own so able to purchase without snide comments from husband.

I guess the picture shows the way you wear them when you are younger than I.  I’ll probably hike up just a little higher on the hips and style them more as every-day-wear (that is, no heels).

I think the picture also shows that they aren’t that flattering, so best if this ‘look’ really fits with your personal style.  That being said, the look overall is a lot more youthful than the 3/4 pant equivalent that a lot of women over 40 wear … really, I just don’t see that the type of cut that Witchery bash out year after year really does anyone any style favours.