Fab Forty Street



Ran into this gorgeous lady yesterday.  Nat’s 41 and looking amazing in a symphony of russet hues.  I love the way the stripes in her jumper reflect in her sunglasses and hair colour with a slightly off-palette orange and navy bag and dark grey boots (you can hardly see it in the pic) adding a sideways quirk to the first part of the colour story.

Her great legs are shown off in a pair of jodphur style leggings with leather inserts.

Nat’s a mum of a 5 and 3 year old and runs her own business property styling.  The latter explains her good taste, but young kids and everyday glamour,  that’s impressive.

I love the chance to show off stylish women of a certain age but I just feel like some random stalker with a camera.  Hopefully it will get easier with time.