Monthly Archives: May 2013

 Hanging On

Thought I’d better make use of the remains of the fake tan and sunny weather and get my legs out. It’s shorts, not a skirt, which somehow makes the length feel ok.  I don’t think I would go this short in a skirt ‘at my age’, but that’s just a personal thing. As usual both […]


Another day with nothing structured to do.  Update blog, hope for work, let workmen in and out of house, try and catch puppy before she poos/wees in house. As much as I crave down time when I’m working day and night, I never quite know what to do when I have it. I think I […]

A Tale of Two Jackets

Both of these have been in (and out again) of my ASOS shopping basket over the past 24 hours.  Both are under $100 ($92 and $67) and at this price I wouldn’t normally procrastinate so much.  But I am trying to be ‘good’ and part of this definition is nothing that I don’t LOVE and […]

Sunny Autumn

Not much to do today, but must wear new purchase Bonds trackie dacks on sale for $30.  I’ve always had a thing for trackies for all sorts of occasions (what is it with me and pants with a saggy bum).  If I was young, gorgeous and actually had somewhere to go, I’d be putting a […]

What’s not to love?

Wrap Up : The Met

OK, so does the world really need another run-through of the key looks at the Met Ball? But then, does the world need another fashion blog? On the basis of those two rhetorical questions, I’ll just jump on in with lifeasyouwearit’s take on the winners and losers. But with a twist.  Follows 8 looks that […]

Today’s challenge

What to wear for Mothers Day Mass? This is a challenge and thank God it’s only once a year. Not too much skin. Not too mumsy, not too predictable and likely not new release Sass & Bide, Scanlan & Theodore or Bassike, as the chances of being visual ‘Snap’ would be too high. I want […]

My Friend Uli

Meet my friend Uli.  She’s 45 and her  job is mum of 3 (16, 10 and 1!) and Fash-inspirationalist.  She’s Swedish.  I think it shows in her innate, slightly quirky and never boring style.  We bonded over crying babies and a love of shopping and clothes.  At least my babies aren’t any more (although they […]

Coffee then Work

Day two of falling into a somewhat autumnal palette.  Not my favourite part of the colour wheel as I find it looks a bit frumpy on anyone but olive skinned Italians. I’m just going to my local to meet an old work friend so nothing tricky demanded but sleep in meant last night’s outfit could […]


Another ordinary morning with workmen due to arrive and my house in disarray.  I feel a bit discombobulated and it’s all trans-seasonal weather days at the moment which I think are the hardest to dress. I had an idea based on white jeans and a navy/white jumper with black boots, but the jumper and boots […]

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