We are never, ever, getting back together #1


I thought I’d post about things that I have loved and worn over the years but simply will not allow myself to wear again – no matter how much I want too.

Oh, why? Because, for some things I am simply too old.

Now, before you go hating on me, just because I am too old doesn’t mean you are.  It’s entirely a personal feeling and when it comes down to it, if we ‘feel’ the wrong way wearing something, then it will show.

Hence the overalls/dungarees/bib and brace picture.  I am as drawn to it as I was the first time I slipped on a King G painters overall in my late teens and every other time I coveted, saved, purchased and wore to death similar variations.

I think what was at the heart of it, was I always felt the loose style fitted my body image of big thighs, wobbly stomach and small chest.  The outline is strangely democratic – at least from under the bust and down, it could be Elle or hell under there.

Also, let me make it clear that I refer specifically and only to, the bib and brace/dungaree/overall style onesie.  The jumpsuit was then and still is, a best fashion friend.  Unlike the dungaree which derives it’s fashion geneology from tradies and babies, the jumpsuit alludes to sophistication.  (Perhaps because it can also be worn on its own, whereas usually the dungarees depend on an undershirt for modesty. )

So that’s it, a public declaration that I will not be revisiting this style moment, no matter how many gorgeous vintage versions they hang in Sportsgirl.  Not even if Isabel Marant designs them.

And of course, if I do, I won’t be telling anyone.

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