Elin Kling, blogger, editor, model etc etc giving me an idea for a daytime look that fits my sort of daytime.  (You can follow her blog here  http://stylebykling.nowmanifest.com/)

In terms of fashion, I am a bit of a scandi-phile.  I personally respond to their blend of casual + ‘now fashion’ + eclectic + understatement.  So many are a bit boho and a bit rock chick and I love that look.  Always and forever.

I did consider myself a little bit Brit when I lived there for seven years, but I find the quirkiness of their most iconic ‘looks’ a little too fashion serious now.  Well at least for Sydney and my lifestyle.  Maybe if I was an art curator or architect, or lived in Melbourne.

J’adore French style of course, particularly when led by Isabel Marant and Corinne Roitfeld.  Ultimately though, I don’t have the sass and swagger to do their brand of sexy.  And I don’t smoke.  Emmanuelle Alt is probably more adaptable and I always love pictures of her, but the monochrome is a bit monotone for all the time, and for Australia’s light.

As for Italians, I rarely see it handled well outside Italy.  Translated onto a fair skinned Australian it comes across a bit Gold Coast on the glitzy side of it, and just plain sludgy on the understated.

So, in light of this I post a picture of today’s homage to another Swedish blogger.  Thank you for the inspiration and a way of wearing my sparkly capelet by Kate Moss for Top Shop.  It hasn’t had an outing for years before today.

(OK, so I’m not young and gorgeous Elin Kling but I did my best sideways pose for you anyway).