Miss Uli, Missoni


I picked up this Missoni Infinity scarf for a song in the middle of summer hoping I’d be wanting to wear it this winter.

Well that’s what happens when you live on a tight fashion budget, always buying things when you DON’T need them in order get a bargain.

It wasn’t love at first wear.  First, I had to get past the feeling of wearing a queen size doona wrapped around my neck.  But once I mastered that it was all smiles.  Then I looked at the photo I took of myself and decided to show you just the top part since it’s really hard to get the balance right down below. I was wearing my tight grey jeans and it didn’t look right.  I think I have to wear wide legged pants or some low crutch ones not to run the risk of looking out of proportion (as in, huge head).

Still a Missoni is still a Missoni and I’m sure I can live with it.