Lust, Must, Just

This week I took the plunge and sold the following Chloe boots on ebay.


Whilst I needed them last year, I no longer wanted them in this one.

Not because I don’t think they are a classic that work for 18 through to 80 (although I cringe a bit to think of an 18 year old who can afford them).  Not because the heel isn’t the perfect height.  Certainly not because they didn’t make a good fashion investment (I bought for $1350, sold for $750 which is at the better end of my ebay turnaround ratios. I have a pair of Marc Jacobs mainline heels on there at the moment that cost me $650 and I can’t give them away).

The main reason I sold them is they brought out a new version in silver studs and I am so much more a silver girl.  Truth is, the gold on this was also so conspicuous it almost became another colour, rather than the neutral it really needed to be.

So, I sold those I no longer wanted for $750 and then purchased my new, silver studded pair that I need, for a small premium.  The smallest variance I could find, and boy was there a wide variance.  But I’ll keep that for another post.

Here’s what I bought.