Uli and Camo



Bought this jumper a while ago sale at Country Road, but haven’t been able to gel with it. I felt so annoyed with myself for buying yet another item of clothing just because it’s a bargain and not because I love it that I decided to forget about it and hide it at the back of my closet.  Saturday mornings are crazy here and in all the madness of getting everyone out of the door I grabbed it by mistake.  With no time to think or change because of husband, dog and kids already waiting outside, I decided to give it a go with my favorite pants and hey, now I love it (the jumper that is, not my strange pose with one sock showing).


So all in all, a bad purchase that actually worked out in the end. Maybe  I should dig a bit deeper in my closet next Saturday because who can remember what other bargains could be hiding in there.


(Scarf Isabel Marant, Pants bassike, Bag Mulberry)


If you want to get this look (and why wouldn’t you, it’s a great combination of ‘now’ and ‘forever’), it’s probably too late for the Country Road version which seems to be sold out.     However, this cute update is available now $99 online (countryroad.com.au) or in store.


Online at asos.com, I like this marl and camo sleeve  ‘Worn by Sweatshirt’ reduced to $67.45.

Or if budget not an issue, this Current/Elliott sweatshirt version also at asos.com is $219 and will get you lots of envious looks from the young fashion set.