Wide Legs



I was determined to try a version of this look yesterday after I’d seen my friend Uli do it a couple of weeks ago.  I think what I’ve proved, is how hard it is to get this look to flatter the figure, especially when wearing flats.  Not that figure flattery was the objective, but going in the opposite direction is rarely ideal.

I was a bit hindered by the style of pants (which I retrieved from the back of my wardrobe  from about 10 years ag0!).  These had a paperbag waist, so this didn’t really allow me to play around with where they would sit on my torso and I didn’t want to tuck in.  I ended up looking a bit square.  I think a short jeans jacket would have helped, but it wasn’t really cold enough yesterday.

But I stayed true and wore it all day, because it sort of suited the family day we were having; was comfortable; and justified  me letting the pants take up space all these years.