I haven’t posted for a few days as I’ve had flu and it just killed all motivation.  You know you’re sick when you can’t even be bothered internet shopping … well I do, anyway.

I made myself get out of the house yesterday so dragged together an easy base of black and then couldn’t help myself but cancel out the mono with colour in bag and jacket.

I remember five years of the late 80’s and early 90’s where I only wore black.  Then the last ten years where I rarely did.  I feel more black creeping back in my life at the moment but I always pull back a bit at the end.  It just sort of feels too easy and unimaginative.  But ‘easy’, now there’s something that could justify some monochromatic days in the future.

Not just yet though.  Off to Hawaii next week, so it’s bright, light, respite (and a spray tan) from next Wednesday.

(Zara parka via ebay; ASOS jumper; Sportsgirl belt; Current/Elliott star jeans/ Chloe boots/Celine bag/LV scarf).