Red Leather





Amazing winter weather means we don’t have to drown everything in an overcoat.  And I can have a scarf free day.

I love these red leather pants.  Because they are made from cheap leather (made to measure in Bali), without any stretch, they don’t fit so snug and this turns out to be a good thing for shapes where the top of thighs stick out further than hips.  Cheap only works for so long though, as sometime in the middle of the day I realised my crutch seam had started undoing itself and I was taking in air.  Fortunately, as long as I stayed standing up I kept my privates, private.

I also managed to wear my new sweatshirt that has been feeling too ‘young’ for me.  It worked well enough, but I still wish I’d left it on the rack, or even got the version with black writing.

Somehow, I ended up in the sales today getting some new Bassike items and pondering a butter soft suede skirt from Willow.  If only I had a life to wear it to.