Red Hot



Is 51 year old Ana hot or what!

Ana does masterclass in style with her 1950’s pencil skirt the only thing 50’s about her.

Sometimes the most conservative looks are really hard to pull of when you get older – what looks edgy or ironic on a 25 year old – I’m thinking cardigans, pussy bow blouses and the like – can look just way to literal on someone older.  And this is one of those looks that in the wrong hands can end up being ‘Miss Marple gets lost and ends up in a  Bondi bar’.

No hint of that here.  Perhaps it’s the slightly sheer blouse unbuttoned perfectly, or the lack of accessories letting the hot body do the talking.  But looking at this, makes me thing every woman should have a red, lace skinny skirt in her closet.

(Skirt Witchery; Shirt by Catherine Malandrino and classic pumps, Wayne Cooper)