Uli goes out


Finally out after dark and a reason to pull out dinner clothes.

Funny how fast you forget how to pull together a relaxed, smart casual “out for dinner look” if you  haven’t been out for an eternity (because of a late baby blessing).

I think this is the hardest look to do because you can easily feel over dressed, under dressed or just like an uncomfortable try-hard. When you are out for dinner you want to look cool and calm and not at all insecure about your wardrobe.  It’s not like a club or a bar where you can hide in the dark, or people are too busy drinking or picking up to look at your outfit. Going out for dinner always gives you the pleasure to really look at what people are wearing and I love it, but not when it’s turned around and the eyes might be on me.  That’s  when I never feel smart casual, relaxed or confident enough.

What is it with me and dinner? It must be something from my old waitressing days when we used to sit after work with a glass of Riesling discussing guests fashion hits or misses -and of course, me being in my early twenties I had lots to say about what not to wear at a certain age (cringe). If I had only known then that I would still be pulling out my “pleather” leggings at this ripe age 🙂

(Top and leggings Zara.  Shoes Sandro, hand me downs (thanks Gwen). Bag a lovely present not sure from where)