Daily Double


Slow, slow internet in this hotel, has made it hard to blog.

Unlike me, who’s been fast, fast shopping.  Ala Moana, done! Waikiki, done!

Two days, three outfits although I forgot to pic the first.  Second, is yesterday post shopping and off to the pool bar.  Loving myself in my new Clover Canyon pants from Neimen Marcus, 40% off and $170 (thanks to Australian $ plummeting about $30 more than they would have been a month ago).  I have my holiday wrist set on, bikini for underwear, Bali white shirt and feeling all boho.  My last remaining pair of Ray Bans (I’ve lost three other pairs in the past two months) and Ancient Greek thongs complete the pic.  I LOVE summer dressing.

Today was old trusty Camilla caftan, more leather thongs.

Being a committed internet shopper I forget the fun and frustration of ‘real life’ shopping.  Fun, because it takes time and you have to depend more on your own intuitive reactions to something and not on the superior taste of a net-a-porter buyer.  Frustrating because you have to faff around in the change room, but mostly because you have to make a ‘real life’ decision to spend money.  It lacks the permission inherent in not physically handing over a card and confronting the actuality of expenditure.  And it’s usually done sober, when so many of my internet purchases have been soothed into good ideas with a wine or two.

I seem to have overcome the barriers though … I’ll blog my purchases later.