Day and Night


I like vacation dressing in Hawaii.

  1. It’s hot but not too hot.  And it doesn’t vary much so you don’t have to lug around spare clothes.
  2. It’s a holiday destination but also a city, so unlike Bali, you can wear shoes if you want.  Even heels, something I would never do on most other holidays to most other places.  Not that I’ve worn any heels, they are sitting in my bag wishing their owner had friends to go out dancing with (I’m alone in Hawaii).
  3. I get to do two outfits a day, even when I don’t have anywhere to go.  If you count pool throws then it can even be three.

So today, I had outfit number one for breakfast, pool and then shopping (can’t get enough of that Ala Moana).  I thought I’d better wear my new Bassike pants, which I had to have, even though they are two sizes too big – which doesn’t really matter given the style.  My old Soludos had to do, as Chanel had sold out of their espadrilles (which have recently become an obsession) and I wore my hard to wear cross body Chanel bag.  It always feels like it should be going to the disco, but as I never go anywhere near a life that glamorous it has to work in far more mundane circumstances.  My hat was bought for my daughter from a childrens wear shop, Bardot Junior.

Unpictured is my fabulous new ‘pool pants’, a new concept in pool dressing that involves a stretchy pair of flared pants to hide the flabby bits to and from the restrooms/bar and so forth.  They didn’t quite constitute an outfit or get a photo, but I’ll have to show them, so flattering and they will live beyond poolside when back in Sydney.

Then tonight, I briefly dropped by the hotel bar for a cocktail, if only to get another outfit in.  Juicy jumpsuit that I wish was a little bit longer worn with my very exciting, very new, Chanel sandals.