Oldies and Goodies

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I had this idea of posting images of a bunch of (celebrity) women in their late 40’s into 50’s that I think do great style – well my kind of style anyway.

I’ve written about Elle before, because I love how she does casual and I think the true test of style is not the red carpet, but how they pull themselves together for the everyday (if not every, single, day exactly).

And then I sort of hit a block.  In part, finding the right images but also thinking of the right women.

Possibly,  because of society’s narrowing of interest in women after thirty there is simply less pics to be had.

Possibly,  even celebrities move away from fashion as they get older.

Definitely, because older women seem to start taking dressing so seriously  (the whole ‘mutton/lamb’ risk/benefit equation ).

So at the end of this search, I salute you –

  • Carole Radziwill.  48 and the only Real Housewife who doesn’t take her style cues from ‘The Stepford Wives does Dallas’.  You know what I mean, one part is all slacks, blouses, big hair and the other stripper heels, lots of cleavage and make-up so thick they seem preserved rather than merely preened.  Carole obviously has a body to rock the Casbah, but she drapes it with wit, sass and makes the others look like her matron aunts.
  • Charlotte Dawson is a home sung hero.  With just a mild bit of ‘deflation’ recommended here and there from the neck up, as host of ‘Top Model’ I think she holds her own in a tough setting that includes a former Miss Universe and several perfectly formed, only just hatched foetuses.
  • Julianne Moore.  Always divine and showing us she can do fashion as well as she can live up to Tom Ford’s genius.
  • Finally, Laura Bailey.  Definitely the baby of this bunch as I think she is only just 40.  But I would never pick this as she runs with the British ‘it’ girls, some who are still teenagers.  She always takes fashion risks and I love seeing her paps.
  • Elle … well been there done that, I don’t want to go on again and sound like some kind of stalker.

So that’s who I’ve come up with tonight.  What do you think?  Do you have any style crushes from the fourth decade on that I haven’t thought of?