Ines or Outnes?


For me, this is a good illustration of the difference in story that’s told when  referencing the past and literally wearing the past.  At least that’s what it looks like to me when I look at the elements that make up this outfit.

Theoretically a pointy toe and kitten heel are very now.  Ditto a slim crop trouser.  The bag, denim jacket and white shirt are classics, so really should be neither here nor there.  But put all together, the way they are put together is surprisingly jarring, not least because it’s been put together by a muse.

Simply put, I think she looks like she’s wearing ‘mum’s clothes’ (‘mum’s clothes’ being a broader application of the visual-construct that is the ‘mum’s jeans’ blueprint, not literally her/your/my own ‘mum’s clothes’).

In this case, the highlight items listed above feel like they have recently been recycled from Ines’ fashion archives, in much the same way as a perky little pair of Michel Perry kitten heels were moved from above the wardrobe to shoe ledge in my own home 12 months ago.  In my case, though, I haven’t worn the perky heels because something about them just feels a little ‘off’ to fit the pointy, court shoe look I am wearing at the moment.  Perhaps a little too pointy, or the heel a little too squat, but each time I try to wear them I feel literally, vintage.  Possibly, the kitten heel still being just a suggestion of ‘in’ is also what’s holding me back. ( I am more  ‘early adopter’ than ‘opinion leader’ after all, but I feel their debut date is getting closer).

But back to Ines.  I think it’s a combination of the items looking genuinely vintage and the styling itself.   The open shirt over the black t, little black cuffs sticking out, then tie-belted – lots going on and then a jean style jacket over top just looks messy.  If she’d taken the jacket and paired it with a classic stripe T – black and white easy, but maybe even navy and white, grey and white, to break up the ‘matchy-matchy’.  Or forget the jacket (and to be honest, I sort of really don’t like it, at all), tuck the shirt in and do it up – with the tie belt possibly accentuating her tiny waist, or even a perky neck tie.

And while I’m at it, keep that bag for office days and pull out a Chanel with a gilt/leather chain to brighten it all up.  I’m sure she has a few of them keeping the rest of her kitten heels company.

The saddest part of this story is in the final hypothesis about why this look doesn’t work for me – and that’s because, like I’ve assumed the shoes, the bag to be, Ines herself is genuinely vintage.  Ultimately, no irony, no wit.

Looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer to revive my Gucci mules I’ve been saving for 15 years.