Work and Play



If you could call looking after three girls under 10 on school holidays ‘play’.

OK, I’ll come clean and admit that I dumped at the cinema and shopped, just a little.  I’m pretty shopped out with Hawaii and Net-a-Porter sale, but I still got the pretend-Celine Vans at Zara (on sale $69.95) and a pretend-chiffon black and red print ‘blouse’ (also on sale, $49.95).  But I am still netting out pretty even when I take into account all my ebay sales, so I don’t feel too naughty overall.

I think this is a debut meeting outfit on my blog.  I complain all the time about having nowhere to wear my ‘good’ clothes, but when it came down to it this morning I just went for this fail-safe combo because it was too cold to faff about.