Mellow Yellow


As much as I loved my white shoe moment earlier in the day, it’s always good getting my feet horizontal.  I am no Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie in the heel department.

I am loving my half price on sale, faux-Celine, genuine-Zara skater style shoes.  I’m wondering if even a little more than my Givenchy version.  Which has got me thinking, why?  I am an unashamed designer junky (well, I’m sometimes ashamed, but then I log onto net-a-porter and it goes away), so how could I have these mixed feelings.

Is it the simplicity of all black, yet the texture of (fake) calf hair that just goes with everything and so makes my life a little easier? Is it that they are more comfortable to wear (tragically, this is so).  Is it that I prefer a faux-Celine over real-Givenchy (now, wouldn’t that be a financial boon, if true)?

Struggling with the big issues clearly made me seek out my happy yellow coat.  This is an old A.P.C. pea coat from my earliest days of online shopping, worn with an old pair of the perfect black pants by Bassike.  I wish they’d relaunch them.