White Heels and Winter Woolies


OK, even crappier pic than usual.  The key part of this look was the white heels, which you can’t see, so just take the feet from the pic on left, squint and transpose them to the right.  Got there?

So, what caught my attention was the unexpected juxaposition of a summer cliche (white heels) against an equally cliche of winter (all black).  And it looked good.

What kept my attention was a chance to wear a pair of white Louboutin heels purchased about 7 years ago and worn ONCE.

Until I saw this pic on the left I’d only ever envisaged the white shoes in a summer context.  Which took everything into the wrong direction.  The direction that’s also sign-posted ‘Juicy Couture’, ‘Scrunchies’, ‘High Waisted cut-offs’, ‘acid wash’.   All those things that on a 6 foot tall Danish supermodel look ironically stylish, but on regular people are more likely to just look like dressing in the dark, or the dark ages, depending on the age of the wearer.

So thank you, unknown Marni-genre celebrity on the left (or your stylist), I liked my look today, most specially the bit you all can’t see.