Splurge and Steal


When I was in Hawaii I became absolutely convinced that I had to have the perfect cross body bag for travelling.  Of course, because any normal year I may go overseas once and that’s usually to Bali where a beach bag makes the most sense.

Common sense aside, fashion sense took over and I have revolved through the doors, both virtual and real, of Gucci and Louis Vuitton with manic intensity over the past four weeks.

Thanks to the success of a Gucci canvas ‘shopper’ delivering back much love and usefulness since being purchased years ago, I decided early that it shouldn’t be leather and must be neutral in colour.

Thanks to the lack of success of Alexander Wang cross-body Mia bag that weighs as much as a Baby Bjorn, with the baby in it, it also had to be light.

And because I already had a great Gucci bag that worked for holidays, was the classic logo and green/red stripe, I didn’t really want ‘same bag, different shape’.

Which sort of narrowed it down to this one.

Reeling with the extravagance in light of my mortgage, New York holiday and winter gas bills, I quickly popped into Zara for a bit of thrift therapy.  I walked into the change rooms with 16 items but reluctantly came out with just this one.



Reduced from $199 to $89.95 I liked the Boho vibe, and thought the white colour would be useful in summer.  I am seeing it with a symphony of white/cream shades and natural leather, maybe roughed up with a bit of khaki and most likely with a pair of denim shorts at some point.