July 30

Three days, three ways


Weekend and work for winter weather (love alliteration).

You have no idea how hard it is to take a picture wearing a lycra pencil skirt and not look pregnant.

Also, you can’t see my shoes.  Which is a shame, because they are very much up in my Top 3, ever.

I know exactly what year they’re from as they are stamped for me ‘Lanvin 2009’.  This is the year Maggie Gyllenhal wore a Lanvin dress in the same fabric and it was also, one of my favourite red carpet looks, ever.   Failing to come up with the thousands it cost to get it for myself, I stumbled upon its baby, the court shoe pictured here.  I found them in the Browns discount shop in London, so they were not just a lot more affordable than the dress, they were also reduced.

They are quite high for a heel-clutz like me, so they only get a couple of outings a year. But I think I will still be wearing them when they are vintage status (I’ll certainly be packing them away for my daughters).

Both other pics are what you’ve come to expect from me, I’m sure.  Although my patchwork pants, snaffled at Nordstrom in Hawaii were until this pic, virgins.  I almost forgot I had them and then I saw them featured in a magazine, the weather was obliging and ‘voila’ they were on and out the door.