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White Heels and Winter Woolies

OK, even crappier pic than usual.  The key part of this look was the white heels, which you can’t see, so just take the feet from the pic on left, squint and transpose them to the right.  Got there? So, what caught my attention was the unexpected juxaposition of a summer cliche (white heels) against […]

Work and Play

  If you could call looking after three girls under 10 on school holidays ‘play’. OK, I’ll come clean and admit that I dumped at the cinema and shopped, just a little.  I’m pretty shopped out with Hawaii and Net-a-Porter sale, but I still got the pretend-Celine Vans at Zara (on sale $69.95) and a […]

Ines or Outnes?

For me, this is a good illustration of the difference in story that’s told when  referencing the past and literally wearing the past.  At least that’s what it looks like to me when I look at the elements that make up this outfit. Theoretically a pointy toe and kitten heel are very now.  Ditto a […]

OK, it’s true that some people may despair of my style and even refer to certain aged farm animals behind my back.  On the other hand,  I  say “Baa humbug” back at them, because no matter how much you can cut, freeze and plump yourself from the neck up, what’s happening from the neck down […]

Yesterday and Today

I’m getting very bored with winter dressing. It just feels like different combinations of the same thing.  When I compare these pics with Hawaii I wonder how anyone can say they prefer cold weather fashion. The only thing I can think of as a positive is that all the nachos and margaritas I scoffed in […]

Oldies and Goodies

I had this idea of posting images of a bunch of (celebrity) women in their late 40’s into 50’s that I think do great style – well my kind of style anyway. I’ve written about Elle before, because I love how she does casual and I think the true test of style is not the […]


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New hair, Sore Feet

Love my new shoes, until they took the skin off the back of my heels.  I’m all for suffering for style in Darlinghurst, but I’m back in the office now. I hope this is one of those situations where my heels get used to the shoe, as I had planned all sorts of everyday outings […]

Inside, Outside

  Got dressed in heated room.  Went outside.  Brrr.  Came back inside + scarf + gloves. At least it’s not raining so I can wear new shoes and not trash them. I’m off to the hairdresser to tune up my ‘woman of a certain age blonde’ locks. Thanks Bassike for a favourite sleeveless grey sweater, […]

Fashion Bulimia

Up t0 70% off – it’s like credit card quicksand. This is what I have in my wishlist and I need help.  Even at bargain prices, it’s still A. Less expensive, expensive stuff. B. Stuff I don’t need C. Stuff I don’t LOVE But if you can’t talk me out of it, which would you […]

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