Maxed Out


Finally got out of gym clothes.  If only to wear my new skirt from

I’ve been pinning maxi looks for a while, but waiting for the perfect, cheap version to come into my life.  This is not an investment piece in my opinion.  Maxis only look good in certain circumstances and really, are just annoying because they trip you up all the time.

This one I’ll wear today and then probably wait for warmer weather when I will love pairing it with a classic shirt and maybe espadrilles, or sandals.  It will also look good with a singlet T and great necklaces.  A pop of turquoise will also work well, I think.  Yay, warmer weather, so much more fun to dress than in winter.

I have done a lot  of online shopping returns this week.  The other pleated maxi that came with this one – a bit tight on the waist.  White leather jeans from net-a-porter – actually two versions, both underwhelming – shame as at 80% off they fulfilled so many other criteria.  And a beautiful, but completely unflattering silk Jay Ahr dress, also a super bargain from N-A-P sale.  I don’t mind though, it’s easy and free to return and often the $10 shipping charge is about the cheapest way to have a fun night in.

With New York only five weeks away now, I shall still be glad to see the N-A-P sale end and my shopping $ safe from further temptation.