Runway to Realway

IMG_5011 IMG_5016

On the left, the fashion bloggers bullshit – high heels every day, every occasion.  Want to go skateboarding, why not wear 5 inch Louboutins.  School run? Nothing easier than juggling school bags, little hands and a bad parking spot whilst wearing Celine Mules.

I get it – the right heel makes just about every concoction of pant and top look fashion fancy.  It’s my go to outfit for just about anything when I don’t have time, weather or the body confidence on my side to experiment with something new.

But let’s be real, outside of a real office (that is, not one next to your living room), a restaurant or a blog pic one needs mobility and comfort to get through the day.

So yesterday I played and put on my revived Gucci mules from 1998, which are perfectly Summer 2013 and which I must feature soon.  I took the pic, pretended I had a life and then got changed.

Nothing like a pair of Cons to keep you off your toes and on your toes.

ps. Bye-bye Acne leather jacket, sold yesterday on ebay.  Your boxy cut never really felt comfortable on me even though I loved you anyway.  But I think I’m much more a Balenciaga sort of girl.