Help Wanted

IMG_5077 IMG_5080

I bought this Theresa Rawsthorne dress last year, or perhaps the year before.  I’ve never worn it.  Partly because by the time I got reason to wear it, it had been usurped by newer options.  But also because the fit was a bit loose and it lacked that ‘something’.  But rather than just sell it,  I’m trying to realise its potential.

(I should mention that the front is in a blue lurex fabric that is gorgeous on the skin, and the back is a plain silk that is shorter, when kept at the longer length).

I think the belt helps, but I’m still left with a hemline dilemma.

On the left, more elegant but perhaps still a little dowdy?

On the right, a badly pinned rendition that would be executed without the balloon puff suggested, and at knee level.   This length of course compliments, and complements, the leg so much more, but is a bit more perky and ‘expected’.

After my crop top expose, I think I’m erring longer.