August 16

A week in my shoes

IMG_5065IMG_5083IMG_5157 IMG_5105IMG_5134

What do I notice when I look at this week’s worth of outfits?

– I currently prefer my Givenchy skater shows to just about every other pair in my shoe-robe because they are not just comfortable, but bring a little zing to any monotone palette.  I am going to have to stop myself buying more from this family, thinking this will be a timeless panacea for all future style-dilemmas.  It won’t and I cite cowboy boots, gladiator sandals and Isabel Marant wedge heeled trainers as failed homage to timeless style satisfaction.  Remind me of this if I start proliferating my life with more than one more pair.

– I prefer pants.

– I am old enough to have my own (almost) vintage hand-bag.  As in, I didn’t buy it vintage, I bought it new, held onto it and now carry it again.  Note c1996 Gucci handbag in third picture.  My first ever, true designer handbag bought to celebrate my new job at McCann-Erickson (advertising).

– That I should try and wear my (Dries Van Noten) gold jacket more often.  I really love it.

– That even if no-one reads my blog, at least I have a record of outfits for future time and inspiration-poor mornings and evidence I have future (hopefully not) insurance claims.