New York, New Stuff

Counting down now, only 9 more sleeps until I gorge myself at the smorgasbord of fashion that is New York.

I’m expecting to be overwhelmed and already my Celine bag lust is being challenged by new-comer Goyard (new to my personal shopping horizon anyway).  So that’s Bergdorf-Goodman at the top of the list.


I’ve also fallen for this amazing ring by Nina Runsdorf on, but a NY based designer and also in BG, so that’s another mission.  I doubt my pocket money will be able to pocket it, but I can at least, try it on and pretend.


Normally I would have a longer ‘hit-list’ – stores or items – but I don’t really for this trip.

I guess New York is one of those destinations where the city trumps the shopping.  And of course, the whole online shopping phenomena has brought much of the fashion world to the fashion outback long ago.  But also, as I discovered recently in Hawaii, the whole ceremony of shopping when on holiday is enhanced when aimless.

That being said, my peripheral vision will be aimed at a few key summer items I think reflect some key trends, aren’t already represented in my wardrobe yet will work with what works for me.

First up this espadrille.  Of course, this shoe isn’t taking its first walk on the beach, but the ‘don’t answer your phone once and you’re dumped from the waiting list Chanel version’ is surely the hottest to.  So much so, that I am even prevaricating on whether I’m prepared to literally dip a toe into something that is so ‘conspicuous consumption’, such a contradiction of the authentic story of the espadrille, it’s almost wearing an 80’s power suit.


I am simply not a skirt girl, but I tried on a Willow suede version a couple of months ago and it sort of threw a different angle on my usual look, without feeling too foreign.    I really like this skirt in the same way, so I guess something like this may find its way into my suitcase.


And of course the mule.  But first a word from Carine Roitfeld “I hate mules. I hate the noise when someone walks with mules. Clomp, clomp, clomp. I think it’s very not chic. I don’t even like a flip-flop. I don’t like this noise. I don’t think I’ve used mules one time in a story.”

On the other hand, Anna Wintour has been known to love clomping around on a mule herself and as she is still at the helm of a Vogue, I hypothesise that the mule is slowly, if not silently, click-clacking its way back into the fashion  spotlight faster than you can say ‘Skater shoe’ – the ones pictured here are of course, Celine.



What do you think I should put on my list?