Hello Again.

It’s been seven months since my last post.

Last August I was full of anticipation for my inaugural holiday in New York, which coincidentally happened to be at the same time as Fashion Week.  A rational thinking person would predict that fashion-gorging would be the inevitable end result, with many excited and accompanying blog posts.

And then, nothing.

Somewhere between Acne and Zanotti I ran out of fashion fuel.  I didn’t stop shopping, or buying, or planning, or talking, or reading about it.  I wasn’t too busy with my ‘day job’. I just couldn’t put myself in the centre of it.  I was both tired of taking mirrored-selfies as I was of dressing for them.  In gorging on myself and my wardrobe all the fun went out of it.

And no one else seem that interested either.

So life as I wore it went back into the closet. Until now.

I still love dressing ‘up’ and dressing ‘in’ (fashion).  I still think that women of a certain age deserve encouragement to live with style and even if they don’t have the time or inclination to do any more than read a blog occasionally, can find my obsession inspiring.

And as my ‘day job’ has taken a very big turn for the quiet, I have the time, if ironically, not the money.

So to finish, if you check in, it would be so great if you could go the extra step and ‘sign-in’ as a follower.  I also love getting comments and would love even more getting a question, or challenge.

Don’t be a stranger.