Monday Shopping List







Did I mention that I’m self-employed? Well, for the past few months it’s more like self-unemployed and all sorts of onerous adjustments have been made. Simply the worst is that I am on a shopping hiatus until further notice (like, someone pays me to do some work for them).

It doesn’t really matter from a getting dressed perspective, because I don’t get out much anyway. Even less when on a budget. And if you’ve read this blog in the past, you will know my wardrobe has been stocked for such emergencies (even with some frenetic ebay selling).

It’s just that, I love the getting as much as the having and at the moment I’m not getting any. So, I’ve decided that you should.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights are nights – Some could theoutnet is The Jan Brady of the fashion world, to Marsha Brady’s All last season and Rachel Zoe discards. But for others, it’s a treasure trove of international designer labels on sale. All the time.

So, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Assuming you want three new pairs of shoes and some McQueen investment pieces that are now and the future. And assuming by the time you read this post they are still available in your size. To get the best from requires commitment, speed and stealth, but that’s another blog.

Onto your shopping list.

1. How can I not have this white net/holey skirt that covers off so many key trends in one. White. Tick. Lace/holey/net sort of stuff. Tick. Pencil skirt with flip. Tick. Below knee, tick. McQueen at 65% off, tick, tick, tick. I really wish I could get this, and have been looking for something with all these ticks, but to be honest, it’s still $700 and it’s still a skirt. (Skirts and I have a testy relationship).

2. Now, the jumper over white shirt concept I adore. Assuming you can clean it without black run onto white. You may think, “nah, it’s designer that won’t happen” and I will rebut with a Paul & Joe white shirt with black buttons that had to be removed and re-sewn on after dry cleaning. Now there’s a shirt that looks like it has never been worn 5 years later. It hasn’t.

3. And finally, in the clothes department, the Isabel Marant lace dress which is so on trend and only a bit more than the copy-cat version that’s probably already in Zara and heading towards a Witchery near you. Grab this one, wear it and then sell on ebay for what you paid for it.

4. I couldn’t choose between the shoes so in past days would have gotten all of them. Red Oscar De La Renta for around $400, because I’m always on the lookout for a red shoe and being wedge these would be easy to wear. Blue Bionda Castana pony hair wedges, just because I love them. And then the Bionda Castana mule. It’s got everything. 3.5 inch heel is a great height to walk in. It’s a mule … so sizzling on the trend front you will cause shoe envy wherever you go. And a lovely bit of clear ‘stuff’ as a trim, a personal favourite. And they’re about $250, which is designer deliciousness at high street prices.

So that’s it. Go forth. Shop. Whilst I cool my shopaholic heels for about 20 hours when this all happens again.