Road Test : Thigh Boots Version 1


I thought I’d take the easy way first. The least ‘Pretty Woman’ combo. Well that which I would wear, anyway.

So it was a night at the Opera House and the weather hinted that just enough of a chill would cut through this unrelenting humidity to justify such covered up nether regions. I jumped at the opportunity, and got these out of the box in which they were smuggled into my wardrobe over a month ago. Just a little protestation, “what? these old things” and we were walking out the door.

Gosh they were comfortable. And a bargain, purchased as they were at Witchery for 30% off, with a $25 voucher thrown in when I joined their Loyalty Programme.

(Actually, let me be completely disloyal and admit, right now, that I have big issues with Witchery and no intention of making more regular purchases. Something to do with skirting integrity, along with copyright laws, to offer designer knock-offs on the high street. Let it be noted, that these boots are suitably bland in feature – beyond the intrinsic non-blandness that their height offers – that I cannot attribute them to any particular designer.)

But, back to the road-test and beyond the physical comfort delivered by heel placement and softeness of suede. I was loving it, husband ok with it and friends didn’t cast aspersions, so in this instance I would say that, unlike waist high cut off denims, thigh boots can span the decades.

If you are looking at buying boots in this genre for this southern hemisphere winter, I do suggest that you go for a stretch suede version that has a sock like fit. Anything stiffer and there’s a real danger of straying into a ‘Puss-in-Boots’ silhouette. Anything without stretch and if you can even get them on, you can’t wear with a jean. This really does limit their wearability.

(I wore with Current Elliot jeans, Isabel Marant jacket, Dion Lee shirt and Chanel purse).