White Jeans


I have been known to disparage white jeans, especially on an older woman. So as it happens when I wore this outfit, I raised the eyebrows of a white jean loving friend who’d clearly taking umbrage at my previous criticisms.

But as it always is, it’s not really the white jeans fault. Those comments were made with Liz Hurley and her insistent love of tight, white, bootleg jeans very much in minds-eye. The way she wears them intersects directly with my idea of style. I’d say it was too “loud”. It really doesn’t have to be, as her bounty in body and face already speak volumes. She doesn’t need to be further embellished with big hair, big boobs and big shoes. Yet, this is how she takes her white jeans out of the Georgian Mansion and straight to Geordie Shores. (And she wears them All.The.Time.)

Have I also mentioned how all this fussiness, all these planky shoes and high hair just make women look older? Most of the “Real Housewives of”, I’m looking at you.

But that’s just my opinion … and this is my version. All flat Isabel Marant boot (and jean), Bassike T and biker jacket.

(I hope I don’t need to eat humble pie, for me, white jeans are definitely only worn on ‘skinny days’.)