There’s no place like home


I think Dorothy was wearing something like these when she kept on clicking her heels – after a few hours walking around in them, there really is no place like home and being barefoot.

But I still love them.

As well as a black, red, white palette.

Looking at it now, I think look 1 could constitute another ‘road test’ for a crop top. In this instance I’ve used it as a layered piece over an old Isabel Marant net dress. So there’s the sense of skin, but without the sense of nakedness (or wobbliness). Crop tops are still around and as long as you keep the waist high, or the stomach diffused (as here), and it’s a look you want to try out, then don’t be held back by age.

Also note the pencil skirt length, which is roughed up with the boot-shoe, keeping it more light-hearted than a pump. And of course, here’s the advantage of being older, you probably have key items for these looks in your wardrobe for bygone eras – such as this 16 year old Kookai version that got dug out of my fashion archives.

Look 2 is more straightforward, with a Zara top and By Malene Birger jacket from a few seasons ago. The skinny jean lets the shoes talk the talking and walking here.

If my daughters don’t borrow and destroy them, I can imagine these red shoes still getting outings in another 15 years.