Age Old Fashion Rules

I’m watching ‘What Not To Wear’ (re-runs) and I’m inspired to put my own list together.  With the build that I’m thinking WNTW when you’re on the wrong side of the fashion industry – say, 40 plus (that’s age, not dress size, although neither sides are where a fashion editor’s head is at I’m sure).

Unlike Trinny and Susannah, who are somewhat unequivocal in their views, I will pose the caveat that if you love something and feel good wearing it, then you should go for it.  (OK, with one exclusion clause –  high waisted, cut-off, denim shorts).

So here goes.

1. As mentoned, High waisted, cut off, shorts – not even with tights. Actually, be careful of anything high waisted as it’s a hard look to pull off without creating a ‘granny-long-bottom’.  Fine if you turn around and you’re Miranda Kerr, that’s juxtaposition. If not, it’s juxtamistake.
2. Midriff top with a below waist bottom – even if you survived the child rearing years with genetically gifted muscle tone retention, a tummy tuck or you didn’t have children to begin with, there’s just something a bit too 50/20 about this look. You know, 20 from the rear view, but then turn around and it’s 50. Although this look is more about the front than the behind, you get my meaning.  
3. Mum jeans – this look is all about irony. There’s no irony if you are a mum, or of the age when your own mum wore this style. They probably still do. See, first pic it’s all about ‘hip’, in the second, just ‘hippy’.



4. Ditto pussy bow blouses, and most of Isabel Marant’s prints from summer 2014. Without the contradiction of (young) age against (mature) age-appropriate, you usually jump the style part and just end up looking…age-appropriate.
4. Socks and heels.  I would love to do this, it’s so quirky and takes your favourite summer shoes through the whole year, but there’s something about this look on a more mature fashionista that just makes me feel squeamish (with the exception of Anna Della Russo, because exceptions were invented for people like her)
5. Dungarees. The bib and brace variety have been tempting me for over a year now, but then so have cronuts and I think I’ve done well in leaving both well alone. On the other hand, the more recently sighted boiler pant style in denim, manages to transcend the more infantile connotations given by the braces, yet still offer all the versatile plusses of a casual jumpsuit.

So, not that many really. And none at all if you choose to ignore decrees and judgements (good on you).

I do think Trinny and Susannah would be most disappointed in me.