A scarf a day keeps winter blues away


Source: witanddelight.com

I have another post half written that bemoans the dreariness of dressing in winter. I’ll have to keep that for another day, because I found this gorgeous homage to the winter scarf on another’s blog, via pinterest (obsessed!). I love every look. Ironically, winter in Sydney this year is lucky to be mistaken for Autumn, some days Spring, so the layer upon layer that adds the finesse to some of these looks may have to be filed for later: Under ‘irony’, because really, I really do hate dressing in winter. But more on that later.

In the meantime, here’s a few to get your scarf wardrobe started.

The first two are from Country Road. I find they do nice quality scarves, and if you get the ‘spend and save’ voucher, they are even better value. I love colour (faux) fur at the moment and this scarf works the trend, whilst still being sedate enough to get lots of wear. About $99 last time I looked and still not on sale. Unlike the cream faux shearling, which has been reduced from $90 to $40 and then an extra 20% off today. It’s very cute.


Zara hasn’t done a great range of winter scarves this year – last year was a corker with the red/white/blue scarf in the pic above brightening up my wardrobe. But I checked out ebay, and this one is selling for $80.


I tried this Gucci delight on in Las Angeles and wanted it badly. Fur, preferably the pretend stuff, really softens an older visage (or wrinkly old head, if you want to call it straight). This is around $800, but it is an heirloom piece. If I didn't have a similar piece, but sans fur, I would have used that argument on myself more convincingly.