New clothes, new look.


My Friend Uli has been waiting for me to post some of my outfits from a recent holiday in US. Except that I didn’t take those sort of pics. So I thought I’d post this one, as it’s of an outfit I bought there. As well as being a bit of a segue from my usual pants based concoctions.

It started with a bit of Rick Owens, a piece of design purity, on sale amongst the gauche that is Las Vegas. Was it the juxtaposition that made this speak to me so? Or the fabulous, avante-garde styled assistant in Barneys? It had to be mine.

It’s actually a dress, but as this was a day time trip to the hairdresser, a bit of modesty is supplied with a very old stretch skirt. (I have a few of these in my wardrobe as I’m now in my second wave of lycra based body-con. You get old enough and you’ve worn it all).

On the bottom, is the result of my determination to come back with a blocky shoe of some kind. I have a lot of shoes so wanted something that took my feet in new directions. These Acne lace ups seemed almost perfect (I wish they were some sort of blue) and so they came back with me from Los Angeles. Sure, they feel like a brick strapped to each of my feet and I’m too old to style them with little ankle socks, but I’ve managed to contrive a couple of outfits for them. I’m not sure they are working for me though, so will give them some warm weather opps and then most likely recoup some of my investment on ebay.

I look at this outfit now and I don’t get the same frission of excitement I imagined in the store. Maybe this new look is already an old one, for me.

(* as for the phone cover, this was the bit of Las Vegas gauche that made it home with me).