Can’t touch this


Yesterday I posted an outfit that was a bit of a departure from my usual, so this time I thought I’d ping right back to something more comfortable. Literally, as well as stylistically, as I am nothing if not inclined to comfort.

Today is an ode to the harem/mchammer/low crutch pant that is so well represented in my wardrobe. I think best done by Bassike – I have white, black, washed blue – in the imitations, I have leopard, camel suede, denim and black silk – as well as these, which are an antique black leather.

Sure, men hate them, but one of the very few advantages of getting older is that you tend to invisibility – so either they don’t notice or on the contrary, because of the pants, they do and you feel less invisible.

Also, I genuinely believe that these pants flatter the figure, and in the most youthful of ways. See, whilst a bootleg pant worn mid waist and with a small heel, might be the Trinny and Susannah recommendation, you end up looking like a ‘trim and mature woman’. Fine if that’s what you want, but words like ‘trim’, ‘mature’ go with ‘slacks’ and ‘blouse’ and I don’t want any of those words on my fashion biography. In my opinion, a pair of these pants, worn off the waist, take the eye to the upper hipline, masking both a heavier thigh and allowing the top half to work some magic on a (thickening) waist. Then all the sagging of the fabric just creates the illusion that this is the only sagging going on. A bit like a boyfriend jean, another fave of mine.

And to add to this, they are enough ‘in’ to say fashion, and enough ‘classic’ not to say ‘victim’.

For me, it will always be time for ‘Hammer-time’.