Look at me, I’m dungareed


I felt a little self conscious when I put these dungarees on this morning (for the first time, they only arrived, via ebay and Spain, yesterday). Surprisingly it wasn’t so much an ‘am I too old for these?’ moment, more a ‘is this too much of a look?’ moment.

I’ve been getting these moments a bit more often lately and I’ve been wondering why. First theory is that so much of fashion for the past decade has been about creating an ‘un-look’. As in, un-coordinating, mixed-metaphor dressing, dressing up-down and so on. Ultimately contriving to look as thrown on as possible. Lately, though, there has been a lot more matchy-matchy stories coming through the fashion blogs/mags and influencing my outfit selection. Not just monochromatic colour stories either, but things like little top and bottom combos (try channeling Solange Knowles and you get a really good idea). What seems to happen along with this matching, is more of a ‘look-look’. Something intentional. Like putting a fashion stake in the ground. Ultimately, it makes slipping in a bit of midriff here, a bit of a leather there, to skirt around the edges of fashion, without seeming like a fashion victim, a bit harder.

With a ‘look-look’, as Heidi says, you are ‘in’ or you are ‘out’.

So out I went, smothering the temptation to smother myself in the scarf, jacket, top tied around the waist that would turn this from dungaree into just a vague double denim concoction.

Sure no one gave me a compliment, but no one sniggered either. Not that I saw anyway.